About Our Pharmacy

The Urology Group Pharmacy offers patients convenience and, in some cases, lower cost for certain prescriptions.

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Patient Benefits

  • We can fill prescriptions written by The Urology Group physicians or other physicians.
  • We can transfer prescriptions from other pharmacies.
  • We offer lower costs for certain prescriptions.
  • We provide patients with education about urology-specific medications in a private setting.
  • Our staff can help patients with paperwork to get financial assistance for out-of-pocket expenses related to some prostate cancer medications.
  • Download the app for convenient medication management.

Meet Your Pharmacist

Dr. Melissa Ruter received her doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Cincinnati. She has dedicated the majority of her career to serving patients in Norwood and Cincinnati.

Specialized Services


Patient Counseling


Medication Synchronization


Medication Therapy Management


Medication Adherence